Friday, September 5, 2008

Month Three

We still had colic! Hollyn began to develop LOTS of personality! She would stay up until at least 11:45 every night and would either be laughing or screaming. There never was anything in between! There were many nights that we felt like we were on "Candid Camera." We did discover that she slept better on her stomach- huge blessing! She laughs and smiles everyday and it is so rewarding. Last month I talked about her favorites. Here are some things she is not crazy about: CAR SEATS, the swing, the sling, THE BOTTLE, laying on her back, or her mommy leaving her in the church nursery!! It is amazing how something so small can turn your life upside down! I put a pic of her on her first day going to church nursery- the face shows her excitement.

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Jana said...

Greg and i died laughing at this picture. Hollyn doesn't look to happy to be posing for that picture in the dress!