Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weekend Fun

Aunt Jana & Uncle Greg came to visit Hollyn last weekend. She had a weekend filled with fun. She made her first trip to the zoo and seemed to like it a lot. A big highlight of the weekend was making "Oreo Balls." They are wonderful! You can find the recipe on Jana's (Matterns) blog. I tried to make a slideshow of the pics, but was not successful!

For some reason I think I look like a total mom in this pic! Maybe it's the hair. Wasn't my hair cut like this in 8th grade?? Or maybe it is the angle that my arm is - it looks weird and man like!

Some of the fam. went fishing. Here is Scott's catch!

Uncle Jameson

Nana & Pops
Greg likes to take interesting pics like this.
Who looks more uncomfortable- Greg or Hollyn?


Shannon said...

LOVE the closeup of Hollyn! Perfection! ;)

Jana said...

Oh I am cracking up. The caption to the last picture is perfect! And yet I just can't decide...who IS more uncomfortable?

Nicki W. said...

you look great! hey, you look like a mom b/c you ARE one! i don't think there is any getting around us all starting to look like mommies!

Kylie said...

you look beautiful as always! glad to have found your blog- you're funny! :)

Jesse and Dori said...

The zoo looks fun! I want to take Hazel soon. I like the mom pic, too funny! You and Hollyn look cute :)

Kylie said...

I've already commented once I know, but I thought I'd tell you after your comment on mine tonight that I already have you on my reader :) Hope that's alright! Let's get together with all the kids again soon!