Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm It!

I was tagged by Mandy to go to my 6th picture folder and post the 6th picture in that folder. Here is is... I don't know how to rotate it! This picture is of Hollyn when she was not even 24 hours old. It brings a lot of emotion to my heart just looking at it.
adoration- all you have to do is look at your baby for the first time
sadness- because she will never be that tiny again & 7 months have gone by so fast
pride- because she is mine and so beautiful
love- it might sound strange but i love her more deeply and thoroughly today than on that day, i have come to know all her habits, cries, quirks, smiles and laughs and love every single part of her
humility- that God would allow me to have such a wonderful blessing
fear- because I am responsible for this little life
joy- my heart melts into a puddle every time she smiles
clueless- i had NO IDEA how a child would truly change everything
So many more emotions that I can't even put into words, I have tears just looking at this picture
I don't have a word for this emotion- but I think I have just now begun to understand how God could love us (while sinners) so much- i will never fully understand- and then now having a child- i am even more blown away that He would send His child for me- can't fathom it really..

I am now supposed to tag 5 more people:
So now....Melissa, Alison K, Dori, Jana, and Jennifer you are it!!
(not sure how to link the name to the blog either)

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