Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet Baby

I am convinced that the Lord has a great sense of humor. I have found that some of my words and thoughts seem to have come back to haunt me since I have had sweet Hollyn Claire.

When I was teaching I always thought, "my child will not be the one having a meltdown in the hallway!" So I go to pick Hollyn up from nursery (she was only there during Sunday School) and lo and behold, whose child is having to be entertained in the hall because she was having a meltdown!!! And only at 9 months! We haven't even made it to elementary school yet! Did I mention that she basically has her own nursery worker- just to entertain her? The other two workers can handle the other 8 babies. But Hollyn is on a 1 to 1 student to teacher ratio!

Also, when I first discovered Graduates "Puffs" I noticed that the serving size says 73 pieces. I said, "What kid would ever need to eat 73 pieces of flavored air?" Well, you guessed it. That would be my kid. She went through her whole little container that I had packed just during Sunday School. I am sure the workers were just thinking, "anything to keep her distracted and happy."

When I went inside to get her bag the other worker said, "She had to be taken into the hall because she was fussy, fussy, fussy, fussy!" 4 Fussies! I wanted to say, "Yes, but she is wearing Janie and Jack. Doesn't she look cute?" Cute should override behavior any day!

I mean does this look like a Fussy to the 4th power baby?

Please excuse the very chapped nose and face!


Kimberly said...

no, she doesn't look fussy at all. she looks beautiful!

we need to have a playdate so i can see the "real" hollyn you keep talking about!

Kylie said...

She looks absolutely adorable! I SO wish you had really said that to the nursery worker :) I am laughing out loud.

Lacy said...

Cute definitely overrides behavior! She's adorable!!

lauren said...

I love your stories about Hollyn!! I think she is cute (to the 4th power), so I say that definitely overrides her fussiness. Sometimes I think that cuteness is their survivor mechanism, when they're throwing big tantrums or deciding they want to see what happens when they pull Mommy's hair really hard! :)

The Ferber method has worked like a charm!! That has been the biggest weight lifted off. The first night, he cried for an hour (and we comforted him in increasing intervals). The 2nd night, he cried for 5 minutes. The 3rd night, 1 minute. The 4th night...NONE...and none since! I did have to go get a 2nd gate that first night, and he can still climb over both stacked on top of eachother. Luckily he only tried that once.

Strange family said...

She is PRESH! She really is beautiful! Can't wait to meet her!

Nicki W. said...

oh i am laughing. only b/c i can relate! when tristan was little like that, every nursery we went to, he had a "personal assistant". they would always say stuff like, "no, really, i know he is crying, but he had a really good day"! they would leave church nursery adn try to come find me! i would hide from them! haha! now, he is an angel the entire time, honestly!!
we need to get together again SOON!!

lauren said...

i don't mind a bit! i will add you to mine, too!