Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top Ten

Ten Things Hollyn is doing at Ten Months:

10. Still NOT sleeping through the night
9. Does "The Shiver" when prompted (clenches fist, shakes head, and grunts till she turns red)
8. Mimics coughing and sighing
7. Plays "I'm gonna get you"
6. Climbs over, under and inside everything
5. Says dada, mama, nana, bye-bye, bath, bubbles, and "ball popper"
4. Throws fits while getting into the car seat and while getting dressed
3. Loves her "Luvie" and waves it around like a madman while putting self to sleep
2. Taking her first steps
1. Fake burps when prompted (No, I did not teach her that one!)


Kylie said...

I LOVE the shiver! When Hudson did that, we called it "strong baby" cause it looks like he was clenching his muscles real hard :)
She is so, so, so, so cute!!

Melissa said...

Maybe since she's walking you should walk around the block after dinner each night and she would be so exhausted that she would never wake up during the night. We're looking for ideas here, people. I am so excited to see her walk and to hear her talk! She is still too cute! Miss you Jillian!

Jesse and Dori said...

cute idea, I may have to copy you when Hazel is 10 months. Wow, Hollyn can say a lot! She sure is a cutie in that outfit and bow!

Jennifer said...

I think it's so funny that she fake burps. ha ha!! That's gotta be the cutest thing ever!

Josiah also does the shiver thing. We tell him to "show me your muscles" and he'll do a muscle-man stance and shake all over. Kids are so funny!