Thursday, February 5, 2009


I had tons of great advice from my previous post. Thanks girls! I wanted to say that I do think teething has affected Feber because on Monday morning, she had popped TWO teeth through at the exact same time. The past three nights, Hollyn has averaged 8 1/2 hrs without waking up! So yea! We're gonna make it!

If you have been following Harper's story from a few posts ago- she is now going home!! Also, four people they know of have come to Christ because of her story. So amazing!


Jesse and Dori said...

glad to hear she's had some good nights! I like your new blog layout, it looks cute. What cute pics of that little girl.

Jesse and Dori said...

how funny, it is Ashlei in the pic. with Hazel. She has long hair right now, so it is actually easier to tell us apart :) hope you have a good week.