Friday, April 3, 2009

Where Have We Been?

I really don't know why I haven't blogged in over two weeks! After being away from blogging for awhile, you would think I would have some really great material. Sorry to disappoint, but things have been pretty normal around here. Except for the uninvited visitor that we had to send a packin!! Yes, a mouse was in my house!! I have spent the last week cleaning things and making sure he didn't leave any friends behind. I have felt violated!

Hollyn has also had her first little illness this past week. She has had a fever and congestion. It has led to her sleeping in my bed all week though! I'm not quite sure how I am going to break that habit. I just realized that I never did an 11 month post. So I guess this will be it, even though she will be ONE in a week!

Hollyn is a bit of a hunter and gatherer these days. She has this corner in her room that she LOVES to go in, especially if the lights are off. I have discovered that she carries things to her corner. Lotion bottles, toys, shoes, sticky notes, etc. This seems to be her new found spot to sit and do her business in. Lately when she needs to poo-poo, she goes to her trusty little corner to find some peace and quiet! This is her in her secret little spot...

She walks everywhere and LOVES it! My mom says she is like a little troll. She just trolls and wanders around the house looking for things to carry around.

She has can sign "all-done," "more," and "milk" now.
She can do the hand motion for "Sic 'em Bears!"
She will say "bawk, bawk, bawk" when you ask her what a chicken says.
She understands the words: "outside," and "I need to change your diaper."
Today she picked up her wet diaper and took it into the bathroom, opened the diaper genie and tried to put it in.

She is a little stinker too! (I guess that is not surprising by this point.) We fought and fought with her to let us take her temperature with the ear thermometer. She SCREAMED and thrashed and freaked out repeatedly! So we gave up. We were sitting on the couch talking and miss priss calmly picked up the thermometer and put it in her ear herself! She had a look on her face that clearly said, "This will be done on my terms or not at all!"

The other day I was singing to her to try to get her to sleep and she picked her head up and looked at me. I thought we were about to have a sweet and loving moment. Then she started violently signing "all-done!" I got the message and promptly ended my song.
I love my little tutti and I am SAD that she is about to be a year old!!!


Jesse and Dori said...

I am glad you blogged about how Hollyn is doing. She looks so much older, she's going to look so different when we finally see her! She is a little smarty pants, learning all those signs! We have to see y'all before our babies aren't babies!

Alison said...

She looks so big! And the ear thermometer story was hilarious! I hope we can make it next Saturday!

Kylie said...

She is SO funny!

Jennifer said...

I love the thermometer story!! lol!! She is a funny girl! She is looking so grown up. I can't believe she will be a year old soon. Time flies too fast.

That is awesome she is doing signs. I tried for a long time to get Josiah to sign, and I gave up. Then recently I tried showing him the 'more' sign and now he's doing it all the time! Kids are funny. :)

lauren said...

That is hilarious that she signed all done!! I LOVE your stories of her!