Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farewell to the Forrests...

This week some of our very best friends, The Forrests, moved to Ft. Worth. Robert felt the Lord calling him attend seminary and to later become a pastor. I truly admire them for taking this huge leap of faith, leaving all their current comforts. Robert and Michele have been some of our very best friends for the past 6 years. We have spent countless Friday and Saturday evenings with them (especially before kids)! We have gone on vacations together, and played many little pranks on one another. They are the kind of friends that can come to your house at any time and you don't have to worry what it looks like! I think it still hasn't hit me yet that they won't be living here anymore. Right now if just feels like they are on a little vacation. I know we will still remain close, and I am so thankful that the Lord didn't call them to go very far. We can make the road trips to Ft. Worth, probably without Hollyn!! Here are a few random pics from the past few years...Holding Hollyn, with Cade still cooking inside (they are 6 weeks apart)

One of several fourth of Julys we spent together

Yoda and Ladybug posing at Halloween

My favorite prank! While keeping Cade one night, we dressed him up in Hollyn's clothes. Isn't he cute?? We then framed a picture of him. We took the pic into their house while they were out of town and set it up on their bookshelf. They found it later that night! They were actually very made at us!! I am sure payback is coming...

Cutie Cade playing in the ball pit

Robert and Michele in San Diego

Us girls on a mission trip with our church
We sometimes referred to them as "Shelly and Bob"
(I don't know where that came from?!)

The Forrests, Waltons, Webbs, and Bryants in San Diego
Robert and Michele, We love you and you know you can stay with us anytime! We are praying for you as you start the new journey God has in store for you. I know that He will do amazing things through your lives!


Jennifer said...

Oh wow! That is really awesome that they are taking this leap of faith. I know it must be hard for them. It is so hard when good friends like that are no longer close by in your life. When we moved from Quitman I cried off and on for weeks whenever I would think about a dear friend of mine from there. If you talk to them, tell them we'll be praying for them as we know it's not easy leaping out in faith, doing what you know God wants you to do!

Robert & Michele Forrest said...

wow!! thanks for making me cry all over again!! that was beautiful and the pics were hilarious!! thanks for sharing my sons tutu with the world!! We love you guys more than anything and your friendship is irreplaceable!!

Meg said...

oh my gosh i had to comment b/c that pic of cade in hollyn's stuff is SO hilarious!! that is the funniest prank ever!! i made shane come look at it and he died laughing too!! i know you guys will miss them so much :(. XOXO