Monday, December 14, 2009

Twenty Months

Hollyn, I really don't like the fact that you are twenty months old! You are getting closer to two everyday! I seriously feel like you were never even 19 months old. I know I say this so often, but there are many many moments when I want you to never get any older. I LOVE this age and the fact that you are still safe and protected from the influences of this evil world. With that said, I will now tell you some of the fun and hilarious things that you have been doing for the past month.
  • You love to carry around my purses and your diaper bags. One day, without me knowing, you found a piece of gum. This has changed your little life. You are now OBSESSED with digging and finding gum and you BEG for it often. You look up at us and you put your thumb and pointer finger together right by your mouth and then you say, "Bittle lit gum?" "Bittle lit gum?" (a little bit of gum) You say this louder and louder, over and over until you are in a stomping full blown screaming meltdown. And of course there are too many weary times that we give in. (This is when readers are NOT judging my parenting, thank you very much.)
  • You are LOVING this Christmas season with all the lights and fun things happening. We have a little nativity scene that we talk about and you play with. You love Baby Jesus and you hold him and you rock him. You even sing to him and kiss him. You are learning about all the other characters too. You have even referred to Joseph as, "Joe Baby Daddy!"
  • Your REALLY like to sing and listen to music. You seriously know the ABC song. (You only skip a few letters) Here is how you sing it. "A B C D H I KELL A-MINNOW -P COO R T U B W Y Z. Now I know ABC" and then you say the word "ME" really loud and shake your head back and forth. It is quite cute!!
  • You can can't all the way to 10!
  • I have not idea how many words you can say, it is really unbelievable at times just how much you talk. Of course, around strangers or in a big group you usually don't say a word. You just put on your "thinking" face and furrow your brow at everyone. It is at these times when people say you look JUST like your daddy!
  • By the way you STILL do not sleep through the night. If you go to bed before 10:00 then you are up for good at about 4am. We are lucky lucky if you sleep 6 hours in a row. And that happens about once every two weeks!!
  • You are doing pretty well in your car seat. We haven't been in the car longer than 20 minutes since this summer though. You still fight like CRAZY to get in it at times. Every time I turn on the radio you tell me, "No music mommy!" You also wave your hand very adamantly at me.
  • I really hate to admit this, but just last week you started wanting a pacifier??!!??? I spent the whole first 6 months of your life trying to make you take it. You have never had ANYTHING to do with a pacifier and now you ask for it at 20 months?? (Again, no judgement of my parenting here...) I think you are really using it to cut your teeth. Who knows! I will say that it calms you down and you even played by yourself for over an HOUR the other day while using it. I guess we will fight the battle later if you get too attached.
  • At night if I am talking to your dad then you will look at me, point your finger and say, "No talking! No talking!" I have NO clue where you got this. I have NEVER said that to you before!
  • You often call me "Jill or Mommy Jill" when you want my attention. You also say, "Daddy Scott!"
  • When you want something you say it over and over. It goes like this, "Milk, Milk, Milk, Milk!" Then we say, "Hollyn do you want some milk?" And you calmly and sweetly just say, "okay."
  • This next one takes the cake....For some bizarre reason, you are OBSESSED with making me ride on Daddy's back at night before you go to sleep. You say "Get up, back, horsie, horsie." If I don't immediately ride on daddy's back then you go crazy nuts, screaming and crying huge real tears! You don't want to ride on daddy's back, you only want me to. And you ask for it almost every night! One night, you even made me ride on Mandy's back! This is so strange, yet hilarious. (Again readers, this request has NOTHING to do with my parenting skills!
  • Seriously at the end of each the day, I look at your Daddy Scott and I say, "Our child could not be any funnier!" These are just a few things that you have been up to lately. I love you pumpkin pie!


Mandy said...

it's true! the kids couldn't make me laugh any hearder. and, somehow that sweet face and those real tears are enough to make even "mammie" jump down to the floor and put "mommy jill" on my back. :) love her!

Robert and Michele Forrest said...

I'm so sad to be missing out on all this preciousness. I seriously can't stop laughing at the visual of you riding scott for hollyn!! love to you all!!

Jennifer said...

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!! These are the funniest stories... girl you've GOT to write a book! I too cannot stop laughing at the visual of you riding Scott's back. Hollyn is definitely a comedian. Wish I could see her in person, in action!

Don't get weary that Hollyn is still not sleeping all night. Josiah is now going to sleep at 8:45-9, waking up at 1 or 2, then at 5, then up for the day at 7:22 on the dot, every day. I wish there was a magic potion for sleep!

Thanks for sharing your hilarious stories, it made my day!! :)

Alison & Karson said...

Hollyn is too funny. I love her expressions in her christmas pictures.

Jana said...

When we are there for Christmas, I expect nightly horsie rides of you and Scott before Greg and I go to sleep.

Strange family said...

LOVE IT! I'm laughing out loud! I'm sitting next to mom on the couch and she keeps asking me what I'm laughing about. We need to get together!