Monday, March 15, 2010


We took a road trip over Spring Break to visit family and friends. You know we aren't the traveling folk since Miss Priss has been born. We finally bought a DVD player and it was a HUGE hit! Hollyn traveled the best EVER!! (I also think my praying had more to do with it then the DVD player.) We stopped to pick up Uncle Jamo on the way to Uncle Greg and Aunt Jana's new house. We had a fun time with them in their cute house (that I didn't take a picture of!!) We had a fun night of eating in big downtown and then spent the night with them. Thank you both for cooking for us and letting us stay at your casa! Of course, Hollyn was the last one to go to sleep! I think Jana and Greg are praying for the sleep habits of their future children already!

The next day we traveled to see my college roommate, Julie, and her cute family! Ellie is about 6 weeks older than Hollyn. The girls had fun playing together. We compared notes on the two little drama queens. We then got to enjoy lunch at Freebirds with them. We love the chance to eat at Freebirds! The girls were so good while we ate. We couldn't get them to smile for a picture!! Little did I know that while they were playing together, Hollyn was spreading a virus to sweet Ellie!

From there we traveled to stay with Jesse, Dori and Hazel. Hazel is about 6 weeks younger than Hollyn. And the SWEETEST, CALMEST child I have been around lately! The girls were so cute playing and talking together. We played at a park in the afternoon, and then the girls played in the tub together. Guess which child went to bed LAST that night?
Hollyn had a Blast in the swings!

Hollyn was giving me some love in this picture! So sweet!
Here are the two peas in a pod. They tend to make the EXACT same expressions...
That night at about 2 am, I noticed that Hollyn was shivering. I felt her and she was very hot. Thankfully, I brought Tylenol with me, so I gave her some. She was restless the whole night, but by morning she didn't act too sick. We packed up and traveled home. The girl did not make one peep for the whole 3 hour trip, and she never went to sleep. I knew something was wrong then! We didn't get home in time to see the Dr. so I made an appt. for the next morning. After a nap at home, Hollyn woke up and was BURNING up. I took her temp and it was almost 104! I freak when I see a fever, especially since she has not been sick since last May. So we made a trip to the Urgent Care. They decided to treat her for Strep Throat since she had all the symptoms. Praise the Lord, she was back to herself later that week. This is how I found her watching her favorite show, Olivia, while she was sick...
And sweet Ellie, we are SO sorry that we made you sick!!! Thankfully, no one else got it!


Lacy said...

Looks like a fun trip! Let's have lunch soon and I'll give you all the scoop!

angie said...

Yay for DVD players on road trips!! It looks like y'all had a wonderful trip. I'm so sorry she had strep...I hate strep! I would have freaked too at almost 104!!! I hope she's feeling better.

Jana said...

I love the first picture of Hollyn in the swing!

Random question - if you talk to your friend Julie will you ask her where she got that chest/dresser in the background of the picture? I love it! I am looking for something like that for our entry area.

Jesse and Dori said...

That is such a cute post, all those sweet pictures of Hollyn!