Friday, July 23, 2010

First Slumber Party

Hollyn had a friend spend the night for the first time. Makenna is visiting from out of town and she wanted to spend the night with Hollyn to see if she could get her to sleep through the night in her bed. Makenna is going into third grade this year and she was SUCH a great helper! We went for snow cones, painted our nails, and they had a blast together! They went to bed at 11pm and Hollyn woke up once. Makenna tried to get her to go back to sleep but Hollyn wanted me. After I came in, she did go back to sleep and stayed in her bed till the early birds woke up at 7am! I treated the girls to donuts then next morning. I LOVED having a little helper around! I actually got some things done around the house! So I decided Hollyn needs an OLDER brother or sister. Can someone tell me how I can birth an 8 year old?


Tam said...

I know that little eight year old. They look so cute together. Hollyn's haircut is adorable. I don't know how to birth an 8 yr old. You're out of luck there. I'm enjoying your blog.

Melissa said...

How cute! It truly was the highlight of Mak's stay here. Love how you say we are from out of town, but homeless friends would've worked as well. ;)

angie said...

Yay Mackenna!! Great pictures, Hollyn looks SUPER excited!