Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Fun

Warning: There will be pictures of ridiculously cute kids in this post!! We recently discovered a spray park and here are pictures of our past two visits....

This is Hollyn and her 3rd cousin, Callie. I LOVE this picture. It is so innocent and sweet!

The bikini kills me! Hollyn was a little reserved the first time we visited the park. However, the next visit she was soaked and loving it!

This is Cade, he is six weeks younger than Hollyn and has recently moved out of town!! We love when he comes for a visit. He was HILARIOUS at the park! He sat on the sides and watched everyone play. He finally got up the nerve to go and kick the water. When he heard the sprays coming, he would run as fast as he could to get away from it. He is a funny kid! These pictures are ADORABLE!

Here is sweet Lorelei, who will be going into KINDERGARTEN in a few weeks! Breaks my heart! She was the first newborn Scott ever held. She has grown up right in front of us! Such a cutie!
This is Everett (he is Lorelei's brother). He is four months older than Hollyn and they are sweet friends. What a little stud!
He thought it was funny to block the spray with his face.
Here he is getting right in front of my lens.

We are so blessed to have such sweet friends!


Tiffany said...

AW! You were right to put a warning. What ca-ute kiddos! Cohen loves the splash park and I am excited that part of his birthday party has a splash park for all the cuties to play in! I hope to get lots of cute pics

Tammy said...

Great pictures!! I love the ruffles on her bikini.