Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Good News

My brother, Greg, took this picture at Christmas and I have never used it on my blog. So I thought I would use it with this conversation.

Me: Hollyn, tell me the good news that you learned about Jesus at BSF.
Hollyn: Jesus died on a cross. His body came off the cross. He was in a tomb.
Me: Yes, but where is He now?
Hollyn: He's alive! I'm excited!

*** I am adding this sweet story to this post. Last night I walked in my room and found Hollyn with her feet dangling off the bed and she was face down on the mattress. It looked like she was praying. So I asked, "What are you doing?" She answered, "Talking to God." I said, " I love that! What are you saying to Him?" She said, "Praise Jesus and hold me my whole life long." I repeated back to her what I thought she said, just to make sure. It was literally one of the sweetest moments of my life!

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Jesse and Dori said...

Oh, what a sweet story!! She is already learning so much about God. What a smart, mature little girl!