Friday, May 13, 2011

Show Off Day

Hollyn has been taking Gymnastics for a little over a year now. We started out when she was almost 2, in the hopes that it would help her sleep at least one night a week! It hasn't, but we still taking lessons and started at a new gym last August. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it at Flips! I can't say enough positive things about the two teachers we have had this year and the amount of patience they show with the kids. Hollyn started off the year having me go out and be with her during the whole hour. It was not very fun for me at all. She would run away when she didn't want to do something, we had several spankings in the bathroom, etc. My favorite is when she would just lay out flat on the mat and yell out, "I'm hungry! You got any milk? Or cheese? I'm just so tired and hungry!" I thought about quitting several times because it was just a battle. But, in November she started being able to go out on the floor without me. She would always run out, SEVERAL times during the hour, to tell me something or want me to hold her. But she was making HUGE progress. There were plenty of times that she was disobedient to the teacher, or refused to talk to the teachers. One day she only responded by barking like a puppy. (Did I mention the teachers amazing skills with disobedient children??) We have had PLENTY of moments like those. But I have to say, she is the most improved little person in her class. (Only because the others were obedient from the beginning!) But it thrills me to watch her, and she truly, truly LOVES it! I know every mother thinks their child is great at everything, but she is really good at gymnastics. It just seems to be part of her little personality, always jumping, bouncing and running- wherever she goes...

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Jennifer said...

Looks like she has a lot of fun! Her curly hair is beautiful! And praise the Lord she is able to go out and participate without your help now. Small steps of success are still steps!

(oh and I laughed so hard when you said she responded by barking during one class, that is HYSTERICAL!! hahahaha!, what wonderful, patient teachers she has. haha!)