Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Four Year Old Face

I just realized that since we moved in February I have taken VERY few pictures of Hollyn. It's almost like we moved and I forgot about my camera! I have been thinking ahead and trying to get some cute pictures of her. We are out of time on Sunday mornings, and then as soon as she gets in the car after church she strips down to her panties and SCREAMS all the way home because she is so hot and hungry. I dress her cute and then she is a total grump about pictures so we just haven't gotten many. So tonight after a day at VBS with RED KOOL-AID (Really? I thought red coloring was against the law by now!) and messy hair, I just grabbed my camera and snapped a few. I ended up loving the ones I got. It captures her perfect little four year old face right now, just as it is at the end of a summer day. 

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Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I love all of her expressions... and she has the most beautiful curls!