Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hollyn is 6!!!!!

A few days before Hollyn's birthday party she and Anderson both got really sick. We tried to get over it with Tylenol and press on for her cupcakes at school and her party that Saturday, but they got worse and not better. I took them to the Dr. and they had Adenovirus, which is basically a bad cold and PINK EYE in both eyes. Hollyn was so heart broken that she had to miss school on Thursday and Friday and post pone having cupcakes with her class. Her Big Party was planned for Saturday, but the doctor recommend postponing it for at least another 24 hours. There were lots of tears! Thankfully, we invited a small group of girls and every single one of them was able to come to the party on Sunday. The day of the party, Hollyn was still not feeling 100%. I can tell in her eyes when I look back at these pictures, but all of the details came together and she ended up having a really great party.

 Hollyn wanted an American Girl Doll Party. We had each friend bring a doll with them. The girls had a tea party and then a fashion show with their dolls.

 So even though there were some snags in the prepping, everything turned out great and there were lots of loud, giggly girls that had a really great time. I can't believe this girl is SIX YEARS OLD!!!!

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