Monday, November 17, 2008

7 Months

Stats on Hollyn:
Weight: 19 pounds (large-80-90th percentile)
Height: 26 in (average- 50th percentile)
Head: 16 in (very small- 20-30th percentile)

Dislikes: getting into the car seat & riding, having face or nose wiped (FREAKS out on this one), having clothes changed, green peas, church nursery, and staying in one place or position for too long (gets bored very quickly)

Hobbies & Interests: loooves to pull self up on things (including in her bed), drinking from her new sippee cups (not completely on her own), sweet potatoes, carrots, fruits, loves to play with plastic hangers while mommy does laundry, likes to blow "raspberries", fake coughs, still talks like a billy goat, enjoys bath time, likes to crawl everywhere (especially on the wood floor), loves jumping, and "yelling" (in a happy way)

Hollyn is hilarious and continues to have a very strong personality- the great thing about that is you always know if she is happy or not! She has been falling asleep soooo much easier now- still not sleeping more than 7 hours at a time, but that is OK! This is a great age and it is going by too fast! She is amazing and I praise the Lord for her!


Nicki W. said...

heehee! her stats are the exact opposite of tristans! he has a HUGE head, tall and in the 25% for weight! so funny! she is so so so cute! i hope she feels better soon--there is soooo much junk going around! makes me miss summer time!

Kimberly said...

oh, she is a cutie! i hope she gets to feeling better and we can play!

Jana said...

um, I thought I posted a comment a few minutes ago but it's not showing up. anyway, I just said that Hollyn is a cutie patootie and I want to squeeze her up!

and now for the second comment I am going to leave: Um, can we call dibbs on certain items for you to pass on to us if we have a little girl eventually? if so, put us in line for that headband :)