Thursday, November 20, 2008

All Because of a Ten Dollar Duck...

We all know that Hollyn is loving to pull up on everything! Scott usually bathes her each night, that is their time to play, etc. He was not home on Tuesday night, so I had to bathe her. I had not done so in about 2 weeks. I could not get the child to sit down. I know some of you reading this are saying, Jill she is only 7 months old- just make her sit. It isn't that easy people!! She is too young to spank, and she does not stand alone safely, and she is wet and super slippery. It was a rough battle. In the end I did win and she stayed seated for a few minutes. I was tired afterwards and did not enjoy the whole bath time. I did what any good mom would do, I called a friend for advice. Michele suggested getting the inflatable duck tub so that if she was standing for a minute and did slip, it would be a lot safer. Excellent idea! I dashed to HEB to get the life saving duck.
Yesterday we inflated the duck and set it out for Hollyn to get acquainted with. I was expected her to crawl on it and laugh with glee. Instead, she started fussing a little. Long story short, she was afraid of the duck! She would literally tremble and cling to us each time we got her near it! So we decided to put it away until bath. Once it was filled with water, we tried it again. Oh no- worse! She crawled up me and cried and shook with fear! So Scott banished the evil duck to the garage so we could continue on in our little pink bath tub. I set her in it- let me explain that she ALWAYS LOOOVES taking a bath. Not anymore friends! She was crying, standing, scaling me, and clawing. Scott jumped in the tub with her to help. It took two of us holding her in the tub and barely even get her rinsed off!!
The rest of the night just went downhill. She basically fought us while getting dressed and cried for the next hour and a half until we got her to sleep!!
(I am not blaming you Michele- really, I'm not)
I am afraid our bath times will never be the same again. The fears, the tears, the drama, the trauma....
All because of a $10.00 duck!


Mandy said...

i'm sorry to hear about her feaer of ducks, but this story really made me laugh. i guess we should avoid singing old macdonald or giving her rubber duckies until this stage has passed!

Kylie said...

oh no! Poor baby. I'm with Mandy, though, it did make me laugh. Whenever Avery is sick or over-tired, she really hates the bath. When she's well, she loves it. Maybe it's just coincidental, since she didn't like getting ready for bed or anything else that night either. Maybe she was just a little out of sorts and it's not the ducks, or Michele's :), fault! We'll hope she loves her bath again tonight! I'll wait for an update when she's had time to forget the duck :)

Jesse and Dori said...

Oh man, that is crazy! I could see how the big duck might be a little scary. Have you seen those bath seats? It makes them stay seated. I am not sure how she would do, but you could try it.
I will call you soon to see how it's going!