Thursday, November 6, 2008

Super Nanny??

I am going to list a few things that my sweet little girl has been doing lately:

  • She got mad and yelled at me in Target (I thought fire was going to come out of her eyes)
  • arches her back and kicks and screams when trying to put her in the car seat
  • will continue to cry, choking included, until you take her out
  • Whenever she is bored or frustrated she balls up her fists and grunts loudly & long
  • Will not sleep through the night or go to sleep on her own (seriously pray for me- we are "ferberizing" aka- letting her cry herself to sleep this weekend- I am VERY anxious about it b/c I believe she could go on for HOURS- pray that isn't the case)
  • When annoyed or tired, has tried to bite my clavicle (never thought i would blog about my clavicle)
  • crawls away and flips, arches back, and YELLS while trying to get her dressed
  • Destroys bumper pad if I do not come get her within 10 minutes

So you tell me: Do I need the Super Nanny?


Jennifer said...

Oh Jill, you do have a feisty little woman! We're still not sleeping through the night here either...or going to sleep on his own. Next week I am night weaning from nursing. I'll pray for you next week if you'll pray for me! Hang in there girl! :)

Mandy said...

thta girl is too funny! tell her i love her and that if mommy and daddy can't listen to her cry this weekend, i'll come do it. ha! i'm a big talker for the one who's been sleeping on the three year old's trundle all week!

Jana said...

That is funny that you used the word clavical. I always forget that word! I usually call them pladdicles. For instance I would say to Greg, "dang, your pladdicles are looking mighty fine today!"

We will be praying for you to endure the crying. Stay strong!

Melissa said...

Ok Jillian. You CAN do this. She is milkin it for all it's worth. You are the mom and you make the rules whether she likes it or whether she screams like a banshee. Once you get through this it will be helping her to get the rest that she needs and helping you to be a better mom. I'm praying. You Are In Charge...You Are the MOM!

Tiffany said...

OH JILL! I pray that you and Scott are stronger at the "cry it out" thing than we were. My heart hurt every time he started wailing. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Cohen goes down very easy now. Good Luck and you will be in my thoughts this weekend.

Nicki W. said...

call me if you need encouragement. tristan actually did cry it out for hours. it is fine--be strong!!!