Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Fun Being One!

I love this age! I think that Hollyn does too. Overall, she is a happy girl. This post is really for me, (and no, I probably won't be this detailed with a second child!!) I have not been great about writing in her baby book. I always go back and read my blogs at once. So if you don't want to hear a lot about Hollyn, come back later!

Hollyn, this is what you are up to these days:
Things you love: to drink milk and water out of your sippy cups, string cheese, eating puffs, walking all around the house, taking things out of cabinets and putting them back, GOING OUTSIDE, your little pink Luvie, your new Madame Alexander doll that Michelle Reis got you for your birthday, Playing "I'm gonna get you." (You have even started pinching me and when I scream you giggle uncontrollably!)

THINGS you do not enjoy: riding in the car seat, staying longer than one hour in church nursery, coming inside after we have been playing outside, sitting in a high chair for awhile, going to the Dr.!! Having us file your nails, or take your temp. in your ear, change your clothes, etc.

Words that you say very clearly: Dada, Mama, Nana, Pops or Poppa, Hi,Ball, Bye Bye, Boo (for Peek-a-Boo) Night Night, (which is just funny coming from you!)

Words that you say that we can understand: Bye-Ba (baby), Tink (Thank you), Puppa (Puppy), Gay-Gay (Jameson), Duh (done), Na Na (no, no), Bu Bu (bubbles)

Phrases that you understand and respond to: "Let's go outside," "Let's go check the mail," "Go throw your diaper away," "Let's brush your teeth," "Go give this to ______," or "Go find your baby, puppy, etc." "Do you want some milk?" "Can you patty-cake?" "Sic 'em bears," "Hollyn, don't spit" (and then you do) "Did you poo-poo?" (Then you walk away and try to hide.) When we say "I'm gonna get you" or "Hollyn, get me." You know how to put your hand to your mouth and fake laugh. You can point to our eyes, ears, nose and belly button.

Animal sounds that you can make: dinosaur, chicken, kitty cat, & sometimes sheep and cow

You weigh 19.7 lbs (23rd percentile), You are 28 1.4 inches long (18th percentile) Your head is 17.1 inches around (8th percentile)

You are pretty true to size in clothing. You have shorty little legs so things are a bit long on you. You wear a size 3 diaper and a size 2 and sometimes 3 shoe! Right now you have four teeth.

Hollyn, you are so much fun!! You are a busy, busy girl. You never sit still from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night. .....And no sweet little Hollyn, you still do not sleep through the night!!

Hollyn and her first real baby doll... Honey Pie Huggable Huggums (No, we did not come up with that name!)


Alison said...

I use to have a madame alexander baby almost just like that when I was little. I guess this is the updated version haha.

Amanda Gregory said...

Don't worry. I only got Chase's baby book b/c my shower hostesses told me I had to have one. I haven't touched it since my shower.

Doodles and Dabbles Art Club said...

I liked reading all about what Hollyn is up to. I can't believe she can understand all of those phrases! Cute pictures of your little darling girl.

Strange family said...

LOVE it as always! I didn't get a baby book - I made one and have enjoyed it much better!

Meg said...

i had that baby doll as a baby (like alison) and my mom gave sophie one the day she was born!! her name is "baby sophie" and she is a prized possession in our house!! one is such a fun age and i promise it only gets more and more fun!! you are such a good mama.