Friday, May 8, 2009


I took Hollyn to Mother's Day Out for the first time last week! Don't get too excited... I only left her for two hours. And Scott's mom is one of her teachers! She did fine and I think she liked hanging out with all the other kids. This is her before we went. So happy, and so very cute if I might add!

Lately, we have been doing a lot of this...

Hollyn is a bit dramatic, in case you haven't noticed. She definitely likes to get her way. (But don't we all??) She has become quite the picky eater! If any of you mommies have a suggestion on how to get your child to eat a fruit or a vegetable, or a meat, then please leave me a quick comment! Thank you!

I have been trying to blog less and clean and cook more. I have been successful at the blogging less part, but that is about it! We are having a garage sale in two weeks, so I have been working on that too. But that is it. We don't have many exciting things going on around here. I like it that way though. Praise the Lord that we are all safe and healthy and that things are good.
I will ask you to pray for my sweet Mimi though. She has hurt her back and can't even get out of bed. She is sick from the horrible pain. If you know my Mimi, she is NOT one to lay in bed. I have never really seen her down and out before. Please pray for a quick healing and for the pain to subside. Thank you!!


Jennifer said...

She is adorable, even when she is throwing her tantrum face! We are definitely entering the dramatic and tantrum phase too. Complete with throwing himself on the floor and rolling around while kicking his feet because I wouldn't let him dump raisins in the toilet or something silly like that. ha ha!!

We too have a picky eater at times. Josiah goes through 'I only want to yellow things' phase sometimes. The thing I have learned is to offer the veggies or meat first at mealtime when he's hungry. I do not let him see certain things that he likes like corn until he has eaten other things. Also, I try not to feed him too many snacks prior to mealtime and if I do I offer raisins, cheese, apples or stemmed carrots. I try not to offer carbolicous foods, otherwise that's all he will want. And if he doesn't eat it, that's fine. Same goes with mealtime, if he doesn't eat what is out for him I do not make something else. I'll just feed him a snack of peanut butter and apples before bed to get some protein in him. If he's hungry and hasn't snacked too much prior to meals he will eat the veggies and meat without putting up a fight.

I don't see the benefit in letting him throw a fit and me giving in and giving him what he wants, otherwise I think he will just think 'hmm.. tantrum = mommy gives me what I want.... = tantrums all of the time when I don't get my way!' Good luck with that battle!

Jana said...

We are praying for Mimi!

Oh, and Hollyn is so stinkin cute.