Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Week of Firsts...

We began last Wednesday night with Hollyn having a low grade fever in the middle of the night. By Thursday, she was miserable and had fever all day. She went to sleep Thursday evening around 9:00pm only to wake up at 10:00pm. She was a new woman and wanted to eat something. So here is the little tutti at 10:30pm having a snack, and knowing she is getting her way!

We took her to see the doctor on Friday morning. The girl FREAKED OUT! She started crying the minute we walked into the room and did not stop until we left. This was not your average cry either. I had to physically hold her for them to look at her. I even had to weigh with her and then me seperately so they could check her weight. She ended up having a mild ear infection. This is her first ear infection. (Hopefully, there won't be many more to come!) We were supposed to leave for Ft. Worth that afternoon. The doctor said she would be fine, so we loaded up and left town. This was Hollyn's first overnight trip out of town! She actually slept most of the way. We did have to take a pitstop at the outlet mall. (Awesome timing for a freak out, Hollyn!) We went to a wedding at the Fort Worth Botanical Rose Gardens. It was a very pretty place. Just not that fun because of the heat, mosquitos, and Hollyn's fever. I felt awful for bringing her at that moment. She was dressed so cute, but I could not take a picture of her because she looked so pitiful! Here is the only pic we snapped. It is not good, I was literally sweating!!
After a round of Motrin, she was a new person and proceeded to entertain our table at the reception. She even performed her classic, "The Shiver." The next morning we got to see our friends, The Frenzels. Hollyn had fun playing with Ava. She decided to dogpile her or something in this picture. Ava thought it was funny! The girls were cute together and we had a great visit.

It was a short stay, we had to leave because Hollyn was exhausted. She slept amlost all the way home. I wanted her to freak at Hillsboro again, because I wanted to visit Gymboree. However, she needed a break when we got to West instead. So we got some yummy kolaches.
That was a huge praise that she did so well in the car! However, Melissa, it would take us FOREVER to get to Lubbock or anywhere else far. We basically stopped every 45 minutes!
Monday Hollyn broke out in a rash all over. So back to the doctor we went. Fun times!! The girl does NOT like going. It was dramatic again. She ended up being allergic to Penicillin. So we had our first and hopefully last allergic reaction! I don't want to take a picture of that either. Praise the Lord that overall we have a very healthy child. I do think that she may have gotten sick from Mother's Day Out. If she keeps getting sick from it, I am going to have to really think about that. Hopefully her imune system will get stronger from inhaling all the germs there! Maybe my next post will be more exciting! That was our week...


Jana said...

Hollyn's face in the first picture is so funny. She really is looking like - haha, I got my way!

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Nicki W. said...

poor thing. those ear infections are the worst!

Alison said...

My goodness that was a big week! And I can't believe she's allergic to penicillin! Poor little. Hoping for a boring week for you guys and no more firsts for awhile!

Strange family said...

sounds pretty adventurous. i hate to hear that hollyn has been sick and had some not fun firsts.

Jennifer said...

Jill, her face in the first picture is so funny and priceless, I love it!

I'm sorry she's had a rough time lately! Ear infections are the worst. Josiah is currently getting over a double ear infection... his second one since February.. ugh!

Here is the anatomy of why kids get ear infections (it's the most common reason kids go to the doctor). First their ear canal is short and doesn't drain efficiently like ours as adults do. So if a child gets allergies, a mild cold, ect., that fluid goes into that canal and sits there. Now if a child is still breastfeeding a lot, that sucking action helps to drain the tubes (I think that's why Josiah didn't get an ear infection until AFTER he was weaned) and there is less likely a chance for infection to start. Kids are gonna get ear infections, but some are prone to it more than other because of the way their ear canal is shaped and sloped. (I had numerous ear infections as a child but none of my other siblings had any, and even as an adult I am more prone to them).

So, hopefully this was just a one time thing and it doesn't happen again, but I just wanted you to know that it might and that it's common and that you can't always prevent it.... unfortunately, I know!

I'm praying she feels better soon!

Oh and Jill, your stories of her ALWAYS make me laugh, keep 'em coming!!

angie said...

Oh no that sounds like a rough week! I hope next week is much better:)