Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Second Time is a Charm

We just had Hollyn's pictures taken professionally. Well, we did go to Sears when she was 13 weeks old. I really don't count that time because the outcome was pitiful. I know that many of you have superb pictures from Sears, that just wasn't the case when we went. The photographer really didn't seem to know what she was doing. She wanted "prop" Hollyn up and have her cross her arms if front of her. (Like you would for a Pre-K school picture) I had to lay flat on my stomach and stretch out to hold Hollyn up. The lady would position her hands and then run back and snap the picture. I finally said, "She can't do that." I wanted to be a little ruder about it, she was only 13 weeks old! But I held my tongue. I was turned off that they couldn't edit out a little bit of drool and all of those things too. We ended up buying only 1 picture! The end result was pretty funny though. Here is the picture. It is a little blurry b/c I took a picture of it with my camera. Now remember, she wanted Hollyn's arms to be folded in front of her. Now look at Hollyn's right hand. (The hand on the left when you are looking at the computer) I think she was trying to tell the photographer that she had had enough! So that is our great picture from Sears, I can't even frame it!

OK the point was we had some GREAT pictures taken a few weeks ago. Here is the link:
Go to slideshows
Click on Hollyn
Password is Bryant

I highly recommend Rebecca. She made Hollyn so comfortable, she even said that Hollyn was one of the easiest babies she had ever worked with. What? You heard me right the first time. Enjoy!


Alison said...

That finger is hilarious! I love it! Her newest pictures are incredible!

Staci said...

What a cutie! She has the greatest little grin! Her eyes look gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

The finger is cracking me up!! What a fun memory that will be in 10 years!! haha!!

The recent pictures are amazing!! My favorite one is of her with her pointer finger pointing at her mouth and her eyebrows are scrunched and she's making a serious face. Cute cute cute!!! And I love the ones of her in the blue dress, the dress makes her eyes really pop! She is adorable and full of many faces!! I bet she makes you laugh everyday.

Strange family said...

I think the 13 week old one is priceless - it so tells a story! The new ones are fab too ... I'll tell you agai - the photographer needs to use Hollyn in her advertising because her eyes are truly captivating! :)

Meg said...

we had an awful experience w/ sears photography too!! her new ones are gorgeous...i am still eyeing different photographers to take the twins newborn pics, i want shane to go look at her website b/c her stuff looks great!!

Kimberly said...

where did you take her to do these pictures? somewhere in our area? they are priceless.

Alison said...

Jilly-I responded to your coupon question on my blog.:)