Monday, June 15, 2009

Fab Fourteen

Hollyn is 14 months old! Here she is featured in her first vintage piece. This was my swimsuit when I was a baby! Hollyn is such a character. Yesterday I tried some new clothes on her in the living room. As soon as she had the new outfit on, she walked to the guest bedroom door and stood there. I opened it and then she walked up to the full length mirror and smiled!! Then she kissed herself in the mirror!

14 Facts about you:

1. You love to lay on your nap mat and watch Praise Baby and Baby Einstein videos. (Don't worry I do set a limit!)
2. You are a very picky eater.
3. You have added the signs "please" and "thank you" to your list.
4. You love to go Bye-Bye. You will often get my keys and sit at the door and cry.
5. You are a climber!!
6. You are crazy about playing with Jameson and Michele. They even made up a dance for you and you do it every time you see them.
7. You are BIG on wanting to do things by yourself.
8. You can now say bite, key, shoes, out, Mel (Michele), Ci-Ci (sort of), eat, duck, luvie (la-la)
9. You have been sick once a month for the past 3 months!! Yucky!
10. You have developed a very "toothy" grin when I take a picture of you. You have said "cheese" a few times.
11. You STILL do not sleep through the night or take consistent naps. Everyday is a guessing game with you. (and an adventure I might add!)
12. You are still not crazy about church nursery. You have just moved up to the next class, so it might get better soon!
13. You want to try, or copy, everything that Mommy and Daddy are doing.
14.. You are the love of my life and I have so much fun with you!!


Staci said...

That picture is so stinkin' cute! She is adorable. What a great way to celebrate her first 14 months!

Lacy said...

She is too cute!!!

Strange family said...

she's a cutie and i love hearing about her latest antics! we need to get together again!

Alison said...

How did she get so big? And she's rocking the vintage--love it!

Jennifer said...

Could she be the cutest girl ever!?? I love that she still has those chubby legs and arms. And that vintage suit, how awesome!! She is a doll in it!!

Sorry to hear she's still not sleeping all night. Josiah has some good and bad nights. Some nights he won't wake up until 4-5 a.m., but other nights he's up at 1 or 2 and has a hard time going back to sleep. I figure I shouldn't get used to any sleep because I'll be starting back at square one in January with a newborn! So the lack of sleep then won't be too much of a shock to my system... hopefully. lol!!

Is she still nursing? I do think there is hope in the sleep department for you, just maybe not on the time frame that is ideal for mommies who like their sleep. I am just happy with a once or twice a night waking, that's soooo much better than it was 4 months ago. Hang in there girl! One day we will look back and wish they were little like this again and wish we could get up with them at 2 am just to hold them. :)

angie said...

Such a little cutie!! Hang in there:-).