Friday, June 19, 2009

It's the Little Things...

This picture has nothing to do with the post. But something in me had to have a picture!

It's the everyday mini-miracles that keep me so in awe of how sovereign our God is. Just this past week I narrowly missed a copperhead on my front porch at night. The timing of the whole incident was not a coincident by any means. I had been waiting on a friend to call so I could leave something in the mailbox for her. I almost did not turn the porch light on, but was prompted to do so. My brother and Scott were in the driveway at that moment about to leave, so they were able to kill it. I did not have Hollyn with me, etc. The Lord is in control of all our circumstances. The same week, the Forrest family narrowly missed a being in a horrible wreck and then escaped a tire blow-out without harm, all within a few days.

A few weeks ago my mom made her usual early morning trip to Mimi's house. My grandmother had been down in her back and was unable to take the dog outside. My mom was in charge of the dog that morning and the dog would not come back in the house. My mom was frustrated at the time, and running a few minutes late. On her way home, she came upon a horrible wreck that had JUST taken place. A car was in flames, and there was a fatality. I absolutely hate it for that family. However, I sure did thank the Lord that day for a very stubborn dog! I encourage you to take note of the everyday miracles. (and then blog about it so I can read them!!)

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Alison said...

love the picture, and it goes perfectly with your post. She's a miracle, too, after all.:)