Monday, June 8, 2009

One Man's Trash...

I could never be a professional blogger! I can't keep up! We have been busy getting ready for a huge garage sale, celebrating Scott's birthday, going to birthday parties, and wedding showers.
I will try to stay on top of things more this week. We had our big garage sale and got rid of TONS of junk! (and some nice things too) It was a success, thank you Lord!

My only question is, Why in the world did this little guy not sale? What an impeccable treasure!

Little Miss Blue Eyes had blast! She loved being surrounded by all the people, and all our family. She literally got up at the crack of dawn (nothing new for her) and keep going and going. She was into everything!!


The clothing rack,

The truck tool box,

The famous white trailer.
I will try to post again very soon!


Alison said...

it's good to have you back! I think Hollyn aged a few years since I last saw her. She's such a big girl!

Melissa said...

ok, that was way too long between blogs. try writing more than one at a time and then posting them as you want to. that helps...thanks so much for the clothes! my mom told me about them. if she stays in there she might not be able to wear them very long. mak wore preemie nearly 3 months! still think miss blue eyes can make the drive.... ;)

angie said...

Cute pictures of Little Miss!! the collage is super easy using Picasa(free to download) let me know if you need any help.

Meg said...

jill thank you so much for calling and offering the crib mattress!! we have 2 but that was SO great of you to think of us!! soph was just looking at your blog with me and said, "oh, pretty hollyn!" i agree, she is beautiful :).