Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Past Two Months...

Two months ago, my camera and computer crashed and I just now got everything back to normal!! Thank you Scott for getting the camera fixed and a HUGE thank you to Cory Webb for helping me figure out why my pictures would NOT upload to blogger. If this happens to you, download Google Chrome for your new browser. That is what finally fixed the problem! Also, we had a borrowed camera that I was not used to and did not take pictures fast enough for my little monkey, so this is all I have!! This is basically what we been up to..
Hollyn has just being really cute (and demanding) this summer.

The Forrests came to visit for a few days. We put Hollyn and Cade in the tub together, thinking it would be so fun. Wrong!! They both flipped their lids and were screaming and clawing their way out of the tub. They look freaked out in this picture, then the meltdowns began!

Hollyn is a total daredevil and is OBSESSED with climbing!! She can climb on top of the kitchen table. Gymnastics here we come! She actually does a front (more like side) roll now and thinks it is so funny.

She loves to hide also. She says "hide, hide," and then goes and finds a place. Scott's closet is one of her favorite little places.
I have more posts to come, so I will be caught up soon!!


Jana said...

I love the new header picture!

angie said...

great pictures!

Strange family said...

she is such a cutie! i like the new pic at the top! :) her eyes are breathtaking!