Monday, October 19, 2009

18 Months

I know I say this for every age update, but I can't believe Hollyn is 18 months old!!! That is almost 2 to me!! I guess from this point on, you don't really count their age in months that often. How saaad!! Hollyn here are some facts about you:

1. You are HILARIOUS! You make me laugh many times, every single day!

2. You love trucks, motorcycles, lawn mower, all things with wheels.

3. You can literally say just about anything. From Scott and Jill to tampon (don't ask) and e-mail!

4. You are a picky, picky eater. I just got you to eat broccoli this week, other than that NO vegetables. You have just started half of a vitamin to make me feel better.

5. Whenever we ask you a question about doing something you answer with, "O-Tay!"

6. You have 9 teeth and are cutting one or two more.

7. You weigh 21.8 pounds. (25th %)

8. You are a little over 31 inches tall. (30%)

9. Your head is 17 inches around. (5th %)

10. You get excited about the tiniest things and say, "ooooooooohhhhhh."

11. You get VERY angry about the tiniest things. (and scream, bite, throw, etc.)

12. You have the worst pooping problems right now. You are REFUSING to go to the bathroom. We are on some medication for about a month to see if that helps. It has been very stressful for you and me the past few weeks!

13. I have to lay down with you at night to get you to sleep, and then I move you to your bed. This is the calmest solution that we can come up with right now. You have slept for about 7-8 hrs in a row a FEW times this month. Progress, I guess!

14. You love guns. (Thank you Pops!) And you pretend to shoot birds when they fly by. You point your finger and say, "Pow, pow!"

15. You LOVE to play hide and seek and get under tents, and blankets.

16. I often think you are smarter than your mother!

17. You are the most precious, beautiful thing I know.

18. You have made the past 18 months both the hardest and the absolute best 18 months I have ever had!!

You are basically refusing to let me take a good picture of you right now!! I truly believe that you are doing this on purpose!


Jana said...

So cute. You can see curls from the front now! I like that last picture. What a perfect way to end the post. Miss yall!

Lacy said...

She's getting so big!!! Super cute pics!

Melissa said...

of course she is doing this on purpose! they love to get us! she is too cute and i love her little curly whirlys. miss you all...come see us. bring didi and lulu and everett, too. :)

Strange family said...

I love it! :)

angie said...

18 months! Wow! Such a cutie pie.

Doodles and Dabbles Art Club said...

What a big girl! It is sad, how they are not really babies anymore! She is so cute, i love the little bows you can clip in her hair! Maybe one day :) She is such a smart girl!!

Jana said...

What is Hollynoodle being for Halloween this year?? I would like to see some pictures soon!!