Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

Last weekend, while Uncle Jamo was in town, we went to the zoo. Hollyn has not been since she has learned her animal names and sounds. She seemed very interested in the whole thing. She didn't really smile though. I do think she was fighting some allergies or a little bit of a cold. This was her face for most of the trip. She pointed at everything she saw. We got a couple of ooohs and aaaahs out of her.

It was a very beautiful, sunny day. Thus, the overexposed looking picture. However, we don't have a family picture since probably Easter.
Hollyn did enjoy the waterfall in the new Asian Forest exhibit.
Check out the dreads on this guy! He was our favorite!
Thank you Pops for treating us all to a great morning at the zoo!

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Strange family said...

Will LOVES the zoo! We don't have cool monkeys like that at our zoo tho!