Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Here Kitty, Kitty.."

We chased Hollyn ALL over the pumpkin patch this morning!! She did not want to have her picture made, but she loved all the pumpkins! My camera was on the wrong setting for the first 50ish pictures, and she is into running so this is all we got!
Look at that little tail!!

Wrong camera setting = washed out pictures such as these..

The End!


Jennifer said...

She is a cute kitty!!

Do you have a mac computer? If you do you can fix those pictures easily in iphoto. If you don't have a mac you can use a free site Upload the ones you want there and you can fix them. It is pretty self-explanatory. I purchased the picnik premium (only $25 a year) and it allows you to do more stuff with your photos, but I think you should be able to fix the exposure without the premium.

Email me if you want more info on how to fix them! I hate it when I get washed out pictures.

angie said...

Such a cute kitty! She looks precious:-)

Melissa said...

I looove her to pieces! So cute. Maybe one day we can trick or treat together in a closer neighborhood!

Jesse and Dori said...

That is such a cute costume, Hollyn looks so darling as a cat! It was really hard to get good pics of Hazie at the pumpkin patch too. They get distracted by all of the big orange things all around them! Glad ya'll had fun at the zoo. In the pic of the three of you guys, Hollyn look just like Scott!

Strange family said...