Thursday, January 7, 2010


For some reason I uploaded the pictures out of order. So here is our Christmas, backwards... Let me start with two favorite pictures from the holiday. Christmas Morning we had both sets of grandparents over to see what Santa brought Hollyn. This is how my brothers showed up for the morning festivities!

Christmas night we exchanged gifts with my immediate family. I love our family picture! Too bad I didn't have this one to send out as our Christmas card!

My mom had us play a game this year. She found some of my Dad's oldest treasures and wrapped them up. We played Chinese Christmas with them. It was hilarious. (My Dad didn't seem to think so!) My favorite was this owl that lights up. Jameson and Michelle snagged this treasure. Hollyn didn't know what to think!
Sweet Mimi and her new red purse.
Hollyn got a battery powered "Duun Duun." She loves it and tries to lean forward to make it go faster.

Christmas Morning we had all the family over to see Hollyn's loot. Here is the little one in her new Dream Town Lily Princess Castle, bed head and all!

Apparently sleeping through the night is NOT on Santa's behavior scale! But Mrs. Claus did score a 75% sale in July!

Christmas Eve we exchanged gifts with Scott's family. Hollyn got a doll with a pacifier from Aunt Janet and Uncle Tim. She loves it because she now has a pacifier too! She always walks around holding babies saying, "Hold you Baby."
Aunt Susan and I gave each other the same scarf!
Cici and Poppa Bear gave Hollyn lots of goodies! Cute clothes, Dusty the Vacuum, adorable pots and pans to name a few. By this point, Hollyn was not in the picture taking spirit!

Christmas Eve we all got ready and went to our church for the Christmas Eve Service. Thankfully Hollyn only yelled out, "Jingle Bell" during the prayer and not "Baby Daddy!" (Which she says daily for whatever reason)

Aunt Jana and Uncle Greg, or "Boober" as Hollyn calls him
Hollyn with Nana and Pops
Greg and Hollyn always have some sort of awkward pose when we get together. This one was staged and it seems like she knew what we were doing! She even gave the famous eyeless smile pose.
The Kids

At my Dad's family Christmas Hollyn went fishing for the first time. It was very cold, so the adventure only lasted about 4 minutes. I got a few sweet shots though.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you remembered to celebrate the true meaning of it. If it were not for the "yittle baby Jesus," we would be slaves to sin and doomed eternally. Jesus tells us this in John 5:24, "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life." I pray that as parents our words and lifestyles would convey that message to Hollyn all year round. And I pray that everyone reading this would know personally the Savior, the true gift of Christmas.


Alison said...

These pics are priceless! Hollyn looks gorgeous, as do you. I miss you and your family.:)

Lacy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Greg and Jameson are too funny!!!

Meg said...

your Christmas looks WONDERFUL! that 2nd pic of your brothers made me laugh my head off!! hahaha

lauren said...

I've gotten more laughs from the pictures you post of Hollyn! She is such a hoot and is just adorable! I truly can't wait to see what she'll be like when she's older!!

Strange family said...

i miss your family!

Jesse and Dori said...

Cute pictures of your family at Christmas! Hollyn is aphotogenic little girl, she is smiling in a lot of the pics! She is getting a lot of hair too! So cute! I can barely put a clip bow in Hazel's hair, but I finally can :)
Glad you guys had a good Christmas!

angie said...

So sorry Santa forgot to bring you some sleep! Great pictures, it looks like a wonderful Christmas!