Monday, January 25, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Being a good mom is a hard balance at times. There are many things pulling at my time. Most of the things are good things; Bible Studies, Teaching Sunday School and G.A.s, planning church retreats, helping friends with weddings, birthdays, cleaning and cooking, the list goes on and on and on. I am blessed that I am not working right now, however I find that the more time I spend at home the more there is to do. I feel guilty because I find myself trying to make Hollyn play by herself or watch a little TV just to get things in order. A lot of days I feel like I am just checking off my to do lists. Literally. I have even noticed that I write my Bible Study lessons on my list! I know that I feel like a swan most days. I appear to have it all together on top of the water, but underneath I am paddling furiously to keep up. I am really not complaining, I'm so blessed. And I am open to suggestions to anyone who is great with their time and gets it all done! Having noticed these feelings lately, I am trying to focus on the things Hollyn is doing right now so that I don't take these moments for granted or forget them. I am trying to put down the dishes and get in the princess castle more often, instead of always telling her, "in a minute in a minute!" She is always being funny, here a just a few things she has been saying and doing. (This is not for your boredom, but my baby book.)

One night last week, she was into everything she could possibly find: laundry basket, cabinets, etc.
Then she decided it would be hilarious to put her shirt over her head and walk around, running into everything. And it was.

The other day Scott was trying to get her to repeat words in Spanish. She obviously did not want to and he continued to ask her and ask her. Finally she looked at him and said, "Take a nap!" We said, "What?" and she clearly repeated, "Take a nap Daddy!" With attitude and all!

Hollyn is very into singing. She knows the words to a lot of songs. (of course not every single word) here are a few of her favorite songs right now:
Baby Bumblebee, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, Jingle Bells, Hollyn Claire (a song we made up), If You're Happy and You Know It, and her favorite is The Wheels on the Bus. She knows all the parts to that one!

She loves to read, one of her favorite books to read is "Brown Bear." She says "bown bear bown bear" over and over. She also says "teacher, teacher" while reading that book. She some of the words to "Sweetheart Fairies Bedtime" memorized also.

She can identify the color blue. She knows the names of the other colors, but can't always identify them. She counts to ten very clearly and can almost sing the entire alphabet. As far as her shapes go she knows heart, circle and star.

My favorite thing she has said lately may be TOO MUCH INFO for some! I was taking a bath and she walked in to watch. (no privacy when your child never goes to bed!) She just sat staring for awhile. Real peaceful for me.Then she said, "Wash your boobies. Two boobies. Cute boobies!"


Jennifer said...

Hollyn's boobie comment is hysterical!! I can't stop laughing!!

Being a good mom is hard, I too find myself saying, 'just a minute' too often and not getting on the floor to play cars or run around like a bear roaring. And I too have to keep reminding myself that these years when they are small are not going to last forever so I need to enjoy these moments and let the dirty dishes sit in the sink for a little while longer... I mean really, what's the harm in letting a few things slide? Just wanted you to know that you're not the only one who struggles in this area. :)

Locketts said...

Love the bath story. Similar story happened with Ava but in a very crowded dressing room. One thing I've started doing is taking care of lot of my chore stuff after she is in bed or before she wakes up. I've also found that the more time I set aside to spend 100% with her the more willing she is to play solo while I do the necessary things, like shower. I feel the pulling of the stay-at-home-mom strings too!

Strange family said...

LOVE the boobie story! But, I love every Hollyn story! It was good to see you two weeks ago! Thanks again!

Meg said...

first of all, HAHAHA about the boobie comment!! SO FUNNY!! 2nd of all, oh girl, i am SUCH a swan too (that is, if i appear to have it all together. i may just appear to be all flustered like i so often feel!). being open and honest about it though i think you'll find that you're in the TOTAL majority, that i don't know ANY moms that feel like they've got it ALL together. you are doing an AWESOME job and you are right, just try to engage yourself in hollyn as best you can and the rest is just details!!

Danyel Lintelman said...

Oh my gosh!!!! She cracks me up! I love reading these stories or things she says and does! Ha! As for getting it all done - Ugh! I SO know how you feel. I have had times when I have to cut back on church committments, even though they are good, I still feel like I am not getting enough time playing with my kids. It is so a hard job. Wonderful job, but hard.

Jesse and Dori said...

Those are the funniest stories! I don't think Hazel even know's the word boobie yet! Too funny. Hollyn is such a good talker! I am glad you are volunteering a lot, but you also realize that spending time with Hollyn is important. I have to do the same thing, I just stop cleaning and play with Hazel. They are only little once!