Monday, February 15, 2010

22 Months

Between the yucky weather and the bossy toddler, I haven't been able to get great pictures since Christmas! Here is Miss Personality Plus at 22 months:
  • She LOVES watching Olivia. (On Noggin) I have to limit the amount of episodes she watches everyday. She calls her "Olibia!"
  • Sleeping in a toddler bed (Funny that I just used the term sleeping!)
  • Wears size 12-18 month clothing, size 4 diapers, and size 4 to 5 shoe
  • All of her teeth have about popped through. We are still waiting on 3 to fully come in.
  • Praise the Lord, Hollyn is a healthy, healthy girl. We have not been to the doctor for a sick visit since May!
  • Loves to "drive" the cars and sit and wear big seat belts. (Only when parked, of course)
  • Is SUPER attached to her Lovie and pacifier
  • Is toying with the idea of being potty trained, goes a few times a week on the potty
  • Loves all things baby doll or stuffed animal. She talks to, rocks, sings, and feeds her babies. My favorite is when she puts them in time out and even makes up a reason why they have to go there.
  • Still not successful in the nursery every week
  • This girl saves all her drama for her mama!! She is so well behaved at all grandparents' houses and out in public.
  • Says the phrase "My do it!" about 5,0000 times a day
  • My favorite Hollyn phrase is. "I like-a-da dis one!! (I like this one.)
  • Has the best sense of humor and manipulation skills EVER seen in a 22 month old!


Melissa said...

I'm not sure...Mak might be tied for the lead on that one. ;) she sure is cute! I love those little sparkling, mischievous eyes. Ummm, Mailey baby is moving into 12-18 clothes. Mak was 2 before she could wear them! Miss y'all!

angie said...

Thank goodness she's so cute right?! I love how you describe her hilarious personality and you capture that description perfectly in your pictures. I cannot believe she's almost 2!!!

Alison & Karson said...

Hey! Hollyn, is so funny. I love the part about time out. I can't believe how verbal she is, she really is so smart. She seems like a little grown up.

Alison & Karson said...
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Jesse and Dori said...

Such cute pictures of Hollyn! I am glad she likes gymnastics, that sounds so fun. She is a little thing, still in 12-18 mo. clothes :) I really like her pony tail, so cute! Thanks for always checking our blog, I think you may be the only one!