Friday, February 12, 2010

Gymnastics and a Tony Tail

Look closely! Hollyn had her first "tony tail" this week. She loved it so much she wanted to take a nap with it. This post makes me feel like I truly have a little girl (a bossy one!) on my hands, and not a baby!

We started Gymnastics three weeks ago. Hollyn LOVES it! She is in a small class with only 3 other girls. They are all 2 1/2 and 3, but Hollyn follows right along with them and tries everything. She follows directions so well and she has been one of the best behaved! I think we will stick with it for awhile to see if she stays interested. After the first class, she slept for 7 hours straight that night! The only problem is that she is constantly wanting to climb, flip and swing on things at home. She always yells, "Watch this!" Today I found her standing on the THIN rail of her toddler bed. I asked her what she was doing and she proudly answered, "I walking the beam!"

I found a little leotard for her, but of course she wouldn't let me take any good pictures. She was so bossy that she literally told me "pictures in castle!" She would get mad if I turned the camera a different angle. She kept yelling, "No! This other way! Other eye!" If I tried to take any pictures outside of her castle, she did this....


Jana said...

Greg and I laughed so hard at that last picture. What a stinker! Can't believe all those curls she has - sooo cute.

Alison said...

Her hair is so gorgeous! Well, all of her is.:) Love you!

Jennifer said...

two words- Drama Queen! LOL!!!

(btw- my firstborn is the Drama King - they should get married)

I love her curls too!