Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hollyn, I am so blessed to be your mom. I can't even wrap my head around what a blessing you are and how many joys God has given us by letting us be your parents. The past two years have flown by, yet I barely remember life without you. It has been by far the best two years of my life. Here are a few words to describe you at two years old.
  • petite
  • energetic
  • absolutely hilarious
  • creative
  • determined
  • beautiful
  • loving
  • sensitive
  • intelligent
  • personality plus!


Alison said...

happy birthday, darling girl! cannot believe you're already 2!!!

Lacy said...

Happy Birthday, Hollyn!!! What a big girl! Love the shirt!!

lauren said...

Happy Birthday to Hollyn! I have enjoyed following her life over the past two years! She is a doll!!

Nicki W. said...

happy birthday to you, hollyn! can't wait to play with you guys!