Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Somebunny's Two!!

Lots of pictures here! We had Hollyn's 2nd Birthday Party almost 2 weeks ago. I think she really liked it. She was really quiet the whole time, but quite a trooper! She LOVES all of her new toys, and is actually starting to play by herself more often!

I love this little dress! I ordered it off of Etsy. She looked so sweet in it.
I do not know how some of you throw your over the top parties! These little cupcake toppers took me hours to make!! In the weeks leading up to Hollyn's party if you asked her what she wanted for her birthday she would always respond with, "Cupcakes!"

She looks thrilled to be getting a hug from Cade. I wonder where she got the non-hugging gene from?

We had a little egg hunt in the backyard since her birthday was so close to Easter.

Drew and Everett


Cambry and Shelby

The Birthday Girl
Thank you for the precious hat, Mandy!

I love this picture! Jana and Michelle are some of Hollyn's favorite people!! They are just beautiful people all around.

Cade wanted in join our family picture. I think he actually blends in well!

Hollyn and her great grandma! This seet Mimi is almost 87 years old and can still whip up delicious fried chicken for her Hollyn!

Cici and Poppa Bear

Pops and Nana

Greg and Jana drove in from Houston and surprised us! We were thrilled that they came! I am not sure the feeling was mutual based on the look on Greg's face during present opening time!

Uncle Jamo
Formerly knows as "gay gay"

Happy Birthday Claire Bear! You are my favorite 2 year old in the world!


Tiffany said...

Jill! I loooove hollyn's dress! And the cupcake toppers were definitely worth your hours of work..SO cute!

Melissa said...

Such a super job jillian! Everything looked so cute. Miss y'all!

Jesse and Dori said...

Those are sweet pictures! I love her dress and the cake toppers were so cute! It looked like a fun b-day and the theme turned out really adorable!

Jennifer said...

The party looked like it was a fun time, and you did awesome on all of the decorations!! You are so creative! I can't believe she is 2! She looks adorable in that precious dress. And her curls are too cute. :)

angie said...

Nice job on those cupcake toppers...they truned out SOOO cute. Wow I cannot believe she's two-look out world:-)!! Everything looked really cute and I love that sweet dress.

Robert and Michele Forrest said...

The party was so cute!! Hollyn is the cutest bunny ever. You guys look good with two kids!!! U can borrow Cade anytime! love you!

Strange family said...

precious as always! we need to get together again! especially before my number 2 gets here! :) (i'm glad will calls lane yay yay and not gay gay!)

Kimberly said...

that is too cute! i'm impressed you made those toppers. you should go into business! your little two year old is beautiful! i can't believe she's two!

catherine said...

Can't believe that she is already two. She really is so precious! You did a great job on the cupcakes.

Nicki W. said...

LOVE YOUR TOPPERS!!! girl, those did look hard to make! what a cute party!!!! let me put it on the blog...?

ok, and everytime i see jameson i think of him saying {years and years ago} "the little may-mermaid!" do you remember that?!?!?

walkers said...

you did a fantastic job! she is such a beauty like her mommy!