Monday, May 10, 2010

Hollyn's First Prayer

Hollyn initiated her first "real" prayer last night. She will chime in when we pray for our food at dinner, but she has never said more than a sentence. It will not do it justice by writing it down, you just had to hear it. Her prayer was the sweetest thing, with that little voice talking to God. I need to back up and say that this weekend, a gecko fell on Scott's arm. Now I present to you....


"God is good.
Thank you for Daddy.
Thank you for Mommy.
Thank you for Hollyn.
Thank you for arm.
Thank you for lizard.
Tect Hollyn. (Protect)
Daddy open the gate and a lizard fell on his arm.


Strange family said...

how precious! so sweet! i love it!

Lacy said...


Jennifer said...

haha! that's awesome!

Robert and Michele Forrest said...

omg! how precious!