Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Weeks of Being Two

I spent time scrapbooking last weekend. It was a lot of fun, yet it was a little depressing! I became so sad thinking about Hollyn getting older and how extremely fast time goes by. I want to remember everything at this age, because it is a fleeting time in our lives. So this blog is really for me. It has always been about Hollyn's life and it will continue to be. I read other blogs and sometimes think I should be writing about other things but when it comes down to it, I want it to be about memories for my family.

At her two year check up Hollyn weighed 23.8 pounds and she was 33 1/4 inches tall. She was in about the 25th% for height and weight and about the 5th% for her head. We had a MAJOR milestone at our 2 year appt. Hollyn did not shed a single tear!!!! This was the first time that she was not SCREAMING, clawing and going crazy at the Doctor. In fact, she was so quiet that the Dr. heard a heart murmur he hasn't noticed before. He said is it a common thing in children, and don't even give it a second thought. It is just comical that since BIRTH she has never stopped crying for him to really hear her heart.

The most common thing that people say about Hollyn when we are out in public is that she looks like a little china doll. I think that she really does in this dress.

Hollyn has said some pretty funny things lately. She was sitting in my mom's lap and all of the sudden looked up and at and said, "Nana old?" My mom answered, "Yes, I'm old!"
Hollyn replied, "And Pops old too!" "You eyebrows are hidden." (My mom has bangs)

We were at my mom's office today and Hollyn met a lady that she works with. She spent several minutes talking to us and was ready to leave. This is what Hollyn said as she was leaving.
"I like my mommy."
It was so sweet. Then she adds, "She is big!"
And the moment wasn't so sweet anymore.

Scott was about to pour water over her head in the bath and she said, "You making me nervous!" Scott said, "Did you say I'm making you nervous?"
Hollyn, "Yea! You making me nervous!"
I am also happy to report that, which MUCH prayer, Hollyn did not shed a tear at BSF this week!! She has had a hard time being away from me, and still cries in church nursery. Just last week, we had to go get her in the middle of the service. I keep thinking she will soon outgrow this.
We bought Hollyn a big playset for the yard, so she has been helping Scott a lot lately. She loves to help her daddy on projects. I love the picture above! She is working so hard!!
Hollyn said,"Take picture of me, babies and my banana." She is very into wearing different shoes and carrying purses, etc. She always pretends to go to HEB. She is just hilarious and so far being two is working out GREAT for us!!! Now, if we could just sleep at night.....


Strange family said...

I've missed hearing the latest on Hollyn! Glad to get caught up! She is precious - and I agree, she looks like a China doll in that dress! We need to get together again soon!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like the 2's are fun so far. I love the story about her telling Scott he was making her nervous by pouring water over her head. She's a hoot!

My favorite is the last picture of her with her dolls and the banana. VERY CUTE! :)

angie said...

That last picture is FOR SURE a rehersal dinner pic:)... She is hi-larious!! Maybe two will be her year to sleep!