Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Jana and Greg came to visit us a few weeks ago. Pops treated us to a night of Putt-Putt. Miss Thing seemed to really enjoy herself. She loves when Greg and Jana come to visit and all her family is together. She calls them "her people."
She really enjoyed dancing to The Chipmunks rendition of All the Single Ladies for everyone. She has some moves!

I love when all "her people" get together for the weekend because she has six people who will play with her and meet all her demands!!!


Jesse and Dori said...

Cute pictures!! She is so good at smiling and posing for the camera! I wish Hazel did that.

Jennifer said...

The first picture of her is great!! I love her pose. That's so funny she calls them "her people". Josiah says the SAME thing about certain people! He'll say, "are my people coming over today?" ha haa! These kids crack me up!