Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Party Pics

Scott and I decided to be festive and dress up this year for Halloween. We joined Tinkerbell and were Peter Pan and Wendy. Hollyn thought it was really funny.
An attempt to get all the kids in an annual picture. Miles, Cade, Lorelei, Lucy, Hollyn and Austin

Cade got to come down from Ft. Worth to join the party. We miss you little cowboy!

Everett, the Zookeeper
Drew, the bear.

And Miss Priss- I love that little face!


Meg said...

love your little tinkerbell and that expression on her face in that last pic!! also, her costume is gorgeous...much prettier than the disney ones in the stores. so sad we had to miss the party!! love your nightgown :)!!

Jesse and Dori said...

What a fun Halloween! I don't think Jesse would have dressed up, what a cute idea!