Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

We discovered it was snowing at about 10 pm last night. Of course, Prissy was awake so we bundled her up and let her play in the snow last night. She was LOVING it! She ran up and down the street laughing and screaming! She threw a fit when it was time to come inside. So this morning we went out again to play.
I snapped this picture just in time! Scott was sitting on the ground and Hollyn nailed him right in the face with a snowball!
She loved making snow angels! And yes, those are baggies on her hands. We only had thin cotton mittens and I didn't want her hands to freeze off.
We finished the morning by going inside and making our first ever batch of snow ice cream! It was a great day for this little girl!


Rachel and Matt said...

She is beautiful! And so full of energy!

Jennifer said...

Snow is so much fun!! We LOVE living where it snows regularly! Hollyn looks like she had a fun time throwing snowballs! haha! Today, I think it is warmer in South Dakota then it is in Texas, our snow is melting and it is in the 40's! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Jesse and Dori said...

Wow, how fun! We didn't get any snow!! I am sure Hollyn had so much fun playing in the snow.

Brooke and Scot said...

I love it! She is SO hilarious! Looks like we are going to have some more crazy weather today!

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