Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out of the Mouth Part 2

I am SO.VERY.TIRED. Yet, I do not want to forget this age EVER. I just want to freeze this little person in this tiny body. I know many people are great writers and blog about really wonderful and thought provoking things. My main focus is to have a book so I can look back and just remember all these fleeting stages of life. One of my friends said that people quit going out of their way to stop you in public to tell you your child is adorable, etc. at about age 3. That breaks my heart!! We will be 3 in less than 3 short months! I know several friends say that each age just gets better. I have a hard time believing it because this age is just pure joy. (Minus the insane fits and no sleep.) Having said that, on with the stories...

Hollyn peed in her pants the other day. We are STILL not 100% potty trained. It drives me bananas. She knows better. Mostly a battle of will. (is anyone surprised?) I had just asked her to go sit on the potty and she says that she doesn't need to. Not 5 minutes later I hear her, "Uh-oh!"
Me: "Did you tee tee in your pants?"
H: "Goo-goo!"
Me: "Hollyn, take off your wet pants. You KNOW better! We do NOT tee tee in our pants!"
H: "I'm a baby. Gaa gaa goo-goo. Baby had accident!"

Hollyn: "Daddy, where's mommy? I can't find her. When I find her, I'm gonna FLING her. And I'm gonna KILL her!"
Me: (Trying not to give her a reaction and freak out!) "Where did you learn to say something like that?" "We don't say that."
Hollyn: "You do! You tell me stories about people killing people."
Me: "Um, no I don't. I might have told you a story about killing a bee or a snake, but not people."
Hollyn: "You know how we scare a bee? We say BOO BEE!" (then cracking up because she had just said boobie.)

Hollyn was coloring with my mom. She started breaking all the crayons in half. My mom said, "Hollyn, we don't break crayons." And the master manipulator's response was to hand my mom a broken crayon and say, "One for you and one for me!"

Hollyn loves playing with babies. It is really the only thing that she will play sort of by herself for a few minutes. She wanted me to keep her oldest baby while she went to HEB with her little baby in a backpack. When she walked in to pick up her baby...
Hollyn: "Alexis, did you cry? Did you tee tee on the potty? Did you sleep in your bed all the night long? You did?!!! I am so proud of you!!"
Me: "Alexis was really well behaved, how was your little baby while you shopped?"
Hollyn: "Her is driving me a little crazy. Her is so hyper today!"
This is Hollyn's new shananigen when we say it is almost bedtime. She RUNS in her room and tries to hide or get under the bed as fast as she can....
A few days ago, she got mad and threw something of Scott's across the hallway. He told her to go pick it up, and she did not. He asked her several times and she still refused. So he started to come into her room to get her, to make her follow through with picking it up. Now as this point, it seems like most children would see their father coming and, having a healthy fear of their father, would then obey. Not this one. She RUNS and hides under her bed. Scott is the calm one in this household and he rarely gets frustrated with Hollyn. By this point, he is frustrated because she just won't obey. So he raises his voice and tells her to come out from under the bed immediately. So this is the point you would think a child would SURELY obey now. I certainly did when my father raised his voice at me. Not this one. She then turns herself into an wild owl?! And LOUDLY starts yelling from under the bed, "HOOOOT, HOOOOOT, HOOOT!!!" So Scott decides to go in after her. He raised the mattress so she can see him. Again, now is the time one should obey. Not this kid. Scott had the mattress raised with one hand and started lifting all the slats with the other to go in after her! Long story short, after lots and lots of crying, she finally obeyed. You really had to be there to get the full effect, but the inside of my mouth was bleeding because I was biting it so hard to keep from laughing. Scott never laughed.


Lacy said...

You need to write a book!!! She is too funny!

Jesse and Dori said...
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Jesse and Dori said...

l love these stories! What a smartie, saying all those things to her baby, so cute! That makes me sad to hear that we may not get as many compliments about how cute our girls are, once they're 3. I think their curls will still get a plenty of attention! :)

Meg said...

hollyn. stories. kill. me. and i always love her pics... so innocent!! i just left you an award on my blog...go check it out :)

Brooke said...

Atta boy, Scott!

Scot S.