Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy to be Three!

Hollyn has been 3 for about two months now. I haven't really written about her personality lately so I thought I would try to catch up on that. First of all at her 3 year check-up she weighed 27.6 lbs and 36 1/2 in. That puts her in the 25-30% on both. The most exciting thing about her appointment was that the girl did NOT shed ONE SINGLE TEAR! And yes, she had to get a shot! We just talked about it over and over and she just laid there and squeezed her eyes shut. It was truly unbelievable. This is the child who screamed her head off when they weighed her or measured her head. I think this was my very first apt. that I went alone because she always cries so much at visits.
I have had several people tell me that being three is the new terrible twos or is much worse than twos because of the drama. So far though, I am really enjoying the threes.

This picture captures a lot of Hollyn's personality. She's sassy, smart, and like a big stick of dynamite shoved into a little package. This girl has the quickest come backs of any preschooler I have ever met. She is either singing and jumping around the house, happy as a little bird. OR she is on the floor throwing a huge fit because she wants something done her EXACT way. She still has so many of the same personality traits she did when she was a tiny baby. There is no tricking, bribing or distracting this girl when she has her mind set on something. NONE. I know these head strong, amazing strengths of will can pay off when she is much older. At least I am praying that they will pay off and work for her advantage in life.

Hollyn has an imaginary friend named Azy. (pronounced A Z) She has had this friend for about 6 months now, but Azy is around more often now. It is so funny to hear the stories that Hollyn makes up about her and just how real she is to Hollyn. Azy is a tiny little friend that you can fit in your hand and she has rainbow colored hair. And let me tell you Azy causes me some GRIEF! If Hollyn runs off or makes a mess, it is usually all because of Azy!

I can't think of one major story off the top of my head that Hollyn has done lately that I need to write about, because everyday is hilarious with her. She is really into shouting the most ridiculous phrases when she gets mad. She throws her hand on her hip and stomps one foot while she is saying them. Some of her favorites:

"I'm not listening!"

"You don't love me! And Daddy doesn't love us!"

"I am not gonna look at you!"

"I am NOT gonna be mean to you!" (this one cracks me up every time because she has it wrong)

"You are mean." And then a few hours later she will shout, "SEE I TOLD YOU- You were mean!"

I know they don't sound funny but she just says them at the most ridiculous times. And it's her eyebrows furrowing down to her nose and her voice that makes it so funny. Trust me, she gets in trouble for them- but to no avail... And now the biggest reason that I am LOVING three:

Hollyn is sleeping MUCH better! Now- she still goes to bed 2 to 3 (maybe 4) hours later than all of your children. And she is still sleeping in my bed. (no mean comments please and thank you!) But overall, she is staying asleep most nights for 8 to 9 hours only waking up for a SHORT minute or NOT WAKING UP AT ALL!!!!! The only thing differently that we have done was to stop drinking milk. Now I had tried this before but then we would have screaming battles for hours and yada yada yada. I am sure that the 3 years and 2 months of me giving the Lord my sob story in the middle of the night every single night had something to do with it also. We have only had about 3 nights in the past month of crying and fits at bedtime. I repeat: Also we have only had about 3 nights in the past month of crying and fits at bedtime. Again- we still have lots of work ahead. She is still sleeping about 3 hours shorter than most children are- but for us it's almost miraculous! I hope there will be more happy updates like this to report within the coming months.


Rachel and Matt said...

She is a firecracker but I beautiful one at that. And just think about all the joy and laughter God is getting from her :) I know I have enjoyed the stories and she truly has an amazing spirit about her.

Jesse and Dori said...

Love the pictures of Hollyn, she is such a happy and beautiful little 3 yr. old!
She has come a long way with her sleeping habits, and I am sure she will continue to improve! (How did you edit that picture with the colored shirt and b&w background?)