Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Wedding

Jameson and Michelle got married on June 11th. Hollyn was not inot having her picture taken at the rehearsal dinner.

Hollyn is thrilled to have another aunt!

Mimi was able to attend the rehearsal and the wedding. She looked so beautiful both nights. I can't believe this lady will be 88 in a few weeks!!

My sweet, sweet flower girl did the most amazing job the day of the wedding. It was a long day for her full of pictures, and waiting. I was SO proud that she literally was PERFECT as a flower girl. I have to say it warmed my heart to hear the whole audience gasp and oooh and aaah as she walked down the isle. I was a very proud mama!!

We did have a few moments at the reception of this.....but overall she was a PARTY animal and danced her heart out until 11:45 pm. Hollyn is funny like that, she can cry because you leave her at church or you didn't cut her bread correctly, but she will walk into a LOUD, crowded room and run to the front and dance like no one is watching. She didn't care if Scott and I were near her or not. She truly danced her socks off for hours and had a BLAST!

Jana and Greg looked bueatiful as usual, and you can't even tell she has the tiniest baby bump.

Nana and Pops were proud parents and grandparents.

Michelle was TRULY a stunning bride. I didn't get too many pictures of her, but she was breathtaking. I loved watching Jameson try not to cry as he said his vows to her!

Sweet Third cousins-Natalie and Taylor. And no I still can't tell them apart most of the time!

Scott was a proud daddy as he watched his little girl walk down the isle throwing her flowers. It made me think ahead many years, how we would feel when Hollyn is a bride. No- I don't want to think about that!

The Saul Family

The Groom

It was a BEAUTIFUL night filled with lots of celebrating. We had so much fun!


Strange family said...

It was a fun night and I'm glad we were able to come! You were beautiful yourself!

Meg said...

1, the wedding looks beautiful. 2, you look gorgeous in that bridesmaid dress. 3, that is a great picture of you & scott. 4, that pic of hollyn dancing (the first one) is killing me. 5, shane loves jameson a lot. the end!!