Thursday, August 4, 2011

Estes Park (Part 2)

My favorite day was the one we spent going up high in Rocky Mt. National. It was a screaming, swervy time getting up high, but well worth it in the end. We found tons of SNOW!!! It was so fun watching the kids have snowball fights and just to enjoy snow. It was beautiful!

One day the Daddy's went on a 4 wheel excursion. We are very blessed because the Lord had His hand on Scott that day. Scott's 4 wheeler turned over and flipped over his hand and landed against a tree. Scott was not hurt. I think the guys had fun overall. We took the kids around the town that day and to some playgrounds. I got this sweet picture of the oldest ones eating a diner.

I LOVE this picture. I love each of these sweet kids and they are so good to Hollyn!

One day we decided to hike up the side of a waterfall. It was very loud and right at the time when I took this picture, a storm rolled in. I think Hollyn's face is hysterical! It doesn't look like it, but she really did have fun hiking in the FREEZING rain! I thought she would be freaked out, but she enjoyed the adventure.
We are so blessed to have such great friends that we could go on a trip with and ALL get along. If you haven't been to Estes, it is a great trip for families!


Karson & Alison said...

Looks so pretty there. I'm glad y'all had a good time. Love the picture of the 3 of y'all. Poor Hollyn looks so scared in that one picture.

Jennifer said...

What a fun trip!! We are going to Estes Park with my family in a few weeks and we can't wait!! It is a wonderful place to vacation and relax... and oooh so beautiful! Is that Alberta Falls in the picture where Hollyn is making that terrified face?