Saturday, July 30, 2011


In June we took a trip to Estes Park with The Sauls and The Heugatters. It was TRULY a GREAT vacation! We rented a house outside of Estes and all stayed together for the week. We had some not so glorious moments and major meltdowns with our cutie pie, but overall it was fun.
I LOVE this picture of Hollyn. This was her reaction when our plane pulled up to the gate. She was excited. She did act a little nervous when we got on the plane, but soon fell asleep. That is the ironic thing with this child. She is the WORST sleeper and car rider, but she has flown 6 times and has slept almost the ENTIRE flight ALL 6 times! If I was wealthy, I would put a jet in the field behind our house and she would sleep there every night!

Shelby and Cambry were our traveling buddies on the way to Colorado.

We traveled to Rocky Mountain National Park several times. If you have never been, I HIGHLY recommend going. It is truly an amazing sight. It makes you realize how HUGE our God is and how beautiful His creation is. I used to be a beach girl, but my heart is turning towards the mountains. The weather was so cool and nice and the kids had a BLAST just exploring outside every single day. If I didn't get altitude sickness every time I go, I would want to go back more often.

We loved seeing the wildlife. We saw our first Marmot, lots of Elk and tons of tiny chipmunks. Hollyn enjoyed the signs in the Park that said, "Do not feed the animals!" Just this week we were driving and she saw a billboard. She said, "Mom, that sign says that animals are NOT allowed to feed the humans!" Then she just cracked up laughing at her own joke.

We decided to go horseback riding one day. Hollyn and Dawson were too young to ride a big horse, so we stayed at behind with them so they could ride a pony. Hollyn got to ride "Twinkie." She really seemed to enjoy it and kept saying, "Giddy up!"

This was Hollyn's reaction to the smell of all the horse poop. She even gagged a few times. She is definitely my child!

We went to a trout pond one day to take the kids fishing. It was a bit anti-climatic for Hollyn. She didn't last long at all. I loved this picture of Sally and Jackson.
Tutti was NOT in the mood for pictures at this time.

At least I got one sweet shot of her.

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Jesse and Dori said...

I am glad you guys had a good trip, great pictures of tutti :) Sounds like a really fun vacation with kids,
we want to go back to Estes Park next summer maybe and get away from the heat!