Monday, September 19, 2011

Taming the Tongue

My daughter has a mouth on her. She is sassy and very quick with her words. I can't tell you how many times something has come out of her mouth and I have thought, "Wow. We have a long life ahead of us." She seems to be all about the shock factor. I have to literally bite the insides of my mouth so that I will not give her the reaction that she is seeking. What makes it so funny is that she just says things so quickly, as if they are on the tip of her tongue. I can't remember all the things that she says daily, but here are a few this past few weeks.

On her first day of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), the children learned that the Bible is the true, written word of God. Her teacher was guiding her class in a discussion about Bibles. My child says to the entire class, "The ONLY time I have ever even seen a Bible is over at my Nana's house!" (see above picture. We have two more that I know of- but they were with Scott when I took the pic)

Her gymnastics teacher said, "I am ready for my sweet Hollyn to come to the mat." Hollyn walks up to take her turn. The teacher says, "You must be my sweet Hollyn!" Hollyn just looked at her and said. "Nope, I am Leah."

She is OBSESSED with saying the word "poop" any chance that she gets. What amazes me is that she can think to say it so fast. She doesn't even take a second to pause before she replies. It really is a talent in some twisted way! She literally works that word into a conversation about 5 times a day. Here are just a few I can think of:

Me: Hollyn, what did y'all do in the gym today at preschool?
H: Just run around and poop in our pants

Me: Hollyn, what can I fix you to eat for lunch?
H: I would like a poo poo pile-up please.

Me: Sing me a song.
H: O is for Oh- poo poo, O is for Oh poo poo

Me: (After reading a whole book about being thankful for friends, food, family, etc.)
Hollyn, what are you thankful for?
H: Poo Poo
I could go on and on. I know it may not be funny to read about, but it is really funny to live it!!

My sister in law is pregnant and they haven't chosen a name yet. When Jana was first pregnant I asked Hollyn what she wanted to name the baby. She says, "How about Chupacabra?"

One day she told me to "Shut Up." I asked her where she learned that word and she says, "Azy (imaginary friend who is a MAJOR thorn in my side) went to High School and had a teacher that was very mean and her learned it there."

She has recently heard the word "butt," and so now she will just try to say it to see if you catch it. Example: She puts it to a tune and sings,
"butt, butt , butt, butt, butt I LOVE you!!!"

This is by far the most embarrassing thing that she has said to me this past week. I thought about not even putting it on my blog, but I want to live honestly! Hollyn was asking if she could put make-up on one morning. She said "Pretty please! Pretty please! Pretty please with....chocolate on my boobie!!!!"


Lauren said...

I miss that girl! She is truly one in a million!

Jennifer said...

hahaha! Funny Hollyn quotes as always!! The whole talking about poop all the time had me in stitches laughing. If it makes you feel any better, about 3 months ago Josiah talked about penis' ALL. OF. THE. TIME! No lie, at church, he went up to a man and said, "I have a penis, you are a boy, you have a penis to right? But Emily (the man's daughter who is Josiah's age) doesn't have a penis because she is a girl, right!" Thankfully, we know this couple really well! Finally, we decided that anytime he started talking about penis' we would say, "Josiah, we are not going to talk about penis' ." And we would ignore him. After a few weeks he finally stopped, thank the LORD! Now I'm not brave enough to write those stories on my blog, my grandmothers (who frequently read it) would kill me for sure!! haha!

Trae Kendrick said...

That quick wit of hers will surely pay off! What a hoot! Logan was my quiet child, but Cam was an entirely different story. We carefully guarded what came out of our mouths when he was little, because he was quick to repeat everything and anything. He chose his first time to experiment with a curse word... in church...with the church completely silent during prayer time... as he sat quietly in the pew with Logan, my two nephews, my sister, and her husband. My sister almost died of heart failure. Everyone in their church heard him. I've never shown my face there since.

amanda k. brown said...

well? did she get to put the make-up on?

Briana Burns said...

I sure wish I was around Hollyn more to experience these first hand :)

I think Chupacabra Mattern has a nice ring to it-- Natalie wanted to name Hunter "Unicorn" so maybe we can just chalk it up to a little girl's imagination.