Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Special Visitors

Last week we had two very special people come to stay with us! Mei-Chun and Scott met each other in Accounting classes at Baylor 10 years ago. Mei-Chun became a very dear friend to us and we have kept in contact with her for the past 9 years! She moved back to Taiwan shortly after we got married, so we were THRILLED when she and her sister, Yaco, came to stay with us!They spent two nights with us and got to experience Hollyn in all her wonderful personalities. She went through extremely shy, to SUPER hyper, to very bratty, to very cranky, to hilarious, to SUPER hyper until 12:30am, and the cycle repeated itself several times. We joked around because while they were here Yaco slept more hours than Hollyn did!Hollyn ADORED the girls! She broke them in very quickly and started bossing them around like she does us. She had the girls chasing each other around the house and laughing hysterically.

We went to see the Baylor Campus and the visit the bears. Mei-Chun has a GREAT sense of humor. At one point she tried to convince me that she couldn't read English. Yes, I completely forgot that she got an Accounting degree from Baylor! I think she sees I am not a very quick thinker sometimes and she likes to mess with me!
I really would like to birth an older child. Hollyn is so great when she has older friends to give her attention and play with her. She just loved having the sisters to herself in the playroom. She taught them "Going on a Bear Hunt," and cooked many pretend meals for them.
I love this close up of Hollyn's facial expression. I think she was just so delighted to have visitors in the house for a few days.
We went on a grocery trip and the girls found pumpkins that weighed more than they did!
And of course we had to take them to eat at Poppa Rollo's. That is definitely a cultural experience. Before we went Hollyn told them,"When you go here, the floor might be dirty!" But the pizza is always good!

We explained to Hollyn that they spoke a different language, so she decided to teach them how to read. It was precious! She was pointed out all sorts of words in her books to help them learn.
We had a great time and we hope it won't be 9 more years before we see our sweet friends!

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Melissa said...

i loooove it so much, and makes me miss my friend living in taiwan! so great for hollyn!!