Wednesday, October 19, 2011


October has FLOWN by for us! We have been busy and sleepless! We have been invited to weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers. We have been to a Baylor Game, Fair and Rodeo, and several field trips. We actually had to skip an entire day of birthday parties because of extreme meltdowns and tears. I felt really guilty and annoyed that we couldn't go to these things, but that is just how things are sometimes. We don't have to do it all. And we don't need to. There are times we just need to stay at home and attempt to slow down. I was proud of us that we stuck to our guns and said no to those parties to teach Hollyn that we can't do it all and we won't if she doesn't earn certain things. October has been a hard parenting month for me. I find myself reading people's Facebook status and reading other blogs then comparing my child to theirs- or my life to theirs. I have to remember that is Satan's way of making me feel defeated and distracted from what really matters in life. Last week, we began attending a Bible Study called The Gospel Centered Family. I loved this quote from it: "God is a God of order, not chaos. As we train our child to be obedient she becomes understanding or the concept of a Sovereign God- that is her authority. We must NEVER be impatient, sarcastic, rude, dismissive, cowardly, or angry- that is NOT a picture of God." All that to say this is what we have done in the past few weeks:
Miss Personality at the Baylor Game
Drew, Mr. Social

We went on our very first Preschool Field Trip! It was to the Zoo- and it will be MY LAST trip to the Zoo! Hollyn has done AMAZING at Preschool. However, this trip was not her thing. She spent a great portion of the time sitting on the ground pouting or holding her nose because of the smell. She would also say, "Get me outta here! I am DONE with these animals! I am DONE!"
The little toot would not walk. I spent the entire time carrying her and sweating like crazy. She wouldn't talk to any of her friends. The only conversation she contributed to the group was, "Yes it does stink! I told you! TAKE A WHIFF!! Look I see that Lion's hiney! Look at the HUGE pile of Poop!" And that was all she really said to everyone! Great. Take a whiff? Where did that come from?
This is the only thing close to a family picture we have had in awhile.
I have been getting this girl to help me in the kitchen more. She really enjoys it. I need an extra dose of love and patience, but I think it is great for her to be helpful. In the next few weeks we have family reunions, more field trips, and costume parties galore. Can't wait!


Rachel and Matt said...

I love reading about your family. I am kinda in the same boat as you when reading about other peoples live on facebook, although mine is more of why can't I be pregnant :( Everywhere I turn someone is announcing their pregnancy and it tears at my heart a little more.

Trae Kendrick said...

Jill, I have said this many, many times in Bible study and when talking with my girlfriends. I truly believe that comparison is one of our biggest enemies! It is such a trap. The devil continually uses it, and as a result, we forget just how good our God is. We lose sight that God will ALWAYS be MORE THAN ENOUGH. We're even tempted to think that God loves someone else more than he loves us. It's exactly what the devil wants us to think. We have to refuse the trap and choose God! I am learning that lesson every day!

Jennifer said...

I totally understand. People have this perception that since Josiah is a "pastor's kid" somehow he is going to be better behaved??! Whatever, he's soooooooo difficult at church and during the pre-k class... that I teach every other week!! I look at other kids, sitting quietly, behaving, not running on the chairs or spitting or talking back and think, "man, we must be doing something wrong". I find it so hard to not compare him to other kids, it's a struggle. Just keep praying for God to fill you with His wisdom and peace on the best way to be her momma and show her who our Great God is! God made them who they are for a reason, and He gave them to us to raise for a reason.... now if only He would give us the manual on how to survive and bring them up the right way, I would be forever grateful. LOL! :)