Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a fun & busy Halloween weekend! Our friends, The Hills, were in town visiting family so we got to see them. We met their sweet new baby, Eli. Hazel and Hollyn were two giggly girls. They had such a great time playing together!

We had our annual Halloween party at Mandy's! I think it's about our 5th or 6th year to do it. I know we started when most of these pumpkins were in our bellies!
Cade the Pirate, Cowgirl Hollyn, Little Bo Peep Lorelei, Mr. Potato Head Everett, Ava as Wendy
Hollyn and her newest cowgirl friend Makenna

Our cute & super festive hostess!

Little Priss thought Halloween was very fun this year. She was tired of Trick-or-Treating after about 4 houses. She wanted to go home and be the one to hand out candy. She does not like the idea of walking up to a stranger's house and talking to them. And I am a bit glad. The whole holiday is a little strange. She had a blast opening our door and giving out candy! Every time the doorbell would ring, she would scream and run to get it. She was devastated when it was time to turn off the porch light. She told me that night, "That was really fun mom. I mean, really fun!"

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Jana said...

Did you and Scott not dress up? Or was it too inappropriate for the blog ;) ? I know how Scott is...